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Gender Equality in the Criminal Justice System in England & Wales 

Do you think our Criminal Justice System in England & Wales treats men and women equally before the law? Do you think men and women should be treated equally for the same crimes? If not why not?

This section would not exist if women were equally in the Criminal Justice System.

It seems that in all walks of life they must be treated the same but not in the Criminal Justice System.

Women tend to get treated more leniently for crimes, as evidence shows. Did you know, for example, that there are no female prisons in Wales?

Women have been treated more leniently for murder for years. The same applies to a whole range of serious crimes.

The successive governments however, thought that women in the CJS need even better treatment so they came up with the Female Offender Strategy (with the help of some campaign groups) which sets out that Female Offenders should be treated differently - i.e. more leniently. That is a fundamental inequality and the government would not even be able to claim that it fulfils equal treatment as per Equality Act 2010. It would simply be unlawful. 

We care about the real equality, not only when it suits the political agenda and political correctness. 

No criminal justice system can ever justify why there is a Female Offender Strategy not Male and why women should not go to prison for the same crimes that men do or should. If it were the other way round people would be outraged. Why are they not outraged when the discrimination happens against men?

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