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Judge and Gavel
What we stand for 

A Distinct Identity

Restore Justice has an overriding mission: honesty in sentencing.

We believe that the views of the vast majority of the British public have been ignored for too long when it comes to our criminal justice system.

We campaign for honesty, fairness and equality in the sentencing of criminals.  Prison sentences should be served in full.

Men and women should be treated equally before the law and in the criminal justice system for committing the same crimes. 

Successive Justice Secretaries have made things worse and the system is now broken. Soaring crime levels across the country show that the current system and approach to sentencing and rehabilitation has not worked. This must change now. The criminal justice system must be fit for purpose and act as a deterrent. Prison is an essential part of it - it must mean punishment, not be a holiday camp, or a place of a desired return. 

90% of the general public and 91% of former police officers think that sentencing is too lenient, and until now their voice has not been represented by a single organisation that calls for honesty in sentencing. Restore Justice is here to change that.

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